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POLYKEY offers products and technologies in three key areas: bio-sourced polymers, plastic recycling and innovative materials for energy storage & bioelectronics. Our extensive experience and know-how in polymer synthesis and electrochemistry have led to a innovative catalogue of monomers and polymers ideal for boosting the performances of next-generation batteries and bioelectronic devices.

BioLogic designs, manufactures and markets ultra-precise and ultra-accurate measurement instruments and their control and analysis software, in particular for the battery industry. A product portfolio of potentiostat-galvanostats, battery cyclers and impedance analyzers satisfies the needs of industrial R&D in new energy storage technologies, fuel cells, photovoltaics, corrosion and biosensors. 

The SALAMANDER project will develop and integrate sensors and self-healing functionality into Li-ion batteries to enhance their quality, reliability, lifetime, and safety. The project utilizes 3 types of sensors with 2 types of self-healing mechanisms to counteract the most threatening and damaging reactions that occur in a typical battery.

The main goal of the initiative “OPINCHARGE – OPerando analyses and modelling of
INterface dynamics and CHARGE transport in lithium-ion batteries” is to advance the lithium-
ion battery technology. How? Via the development of a set of effective operando nano-scale
and sub-nano-scale techniques and methodologies.

RENOVATE aims at developing new circular economy solutions for the European battery value-chain, targeting the re-use of 95+% of in-specification battery cell fractions. The RENOVATE closed-loop concept is holistic, flexible and will be validated at TRL4 for the recycling of EoL batteries based on both low (LFP) and high (NMC) energy density chemistries.

The COBRA project (funded under the Horizon 2020 programme from 2020-2024) is developing cobalt-free lithium-ion batteries for the automotive industry. By eliminating cobalt, a costly and ethically contentious component, COBRA aims to enhance battery performance, affordability, and environmental sustainability, driving the transition towards cleaner transportation.

ReMade@ARI is a European project that aims to boost circular materials research by providing free assistance and access to synchrotrons, neutron sources, lasers, electron microscopes, ion and positron beams, and high magnetic field facilities. Specific access tracks are included for academia and for industry including SMEs and larger companies.