Battery 2030+ Annual Conference

May 28-29th 2024 Grenoble (France)


May 28-29th

May 28th – Day 1

Moderator: Philippe Jacques (EMIRI)


09:00-09:30   Registration of participants

09:30-09:40   Welcome by Dean of Science – Anna Qvarnström (Uppsala University)

09:40-09:50   Welcome by the European Commission – Aymard de Touzalin (DG CNECT)

09:50-10:00  Swedish batteries and the European perspective – Greger Ledung (Swedish Energy Agency and Swedish delegate in NRCG)

10:00-10:15   ”BATTERY 2030+ – some golden nuggets – Kristina Edström (BATTERY 2030+)

10:15-10:30   BEPA – Bozorg Khanbaei & Batteries Europe – Estibaliz Crespo

10:30-10:45   EU Pathfinder – Olivier Dahon (The European Commission)

10:45-11:00    Coffee break

11:00-11:45   “New spectroscopic approaches to study batteries: intercalation mechanisms, fast charging, and long-term degradation mechanisms” – Plenary speaker: Clare Grey (Cambridge University)

11:45-12:15   Accelerating research by reinventing the way we do research – Tejs Vegge (BIG-MAP)

12:15 -13:30   Lunch and Poster session

13:30-13:50   “Material Development for the growth of a new Swedish industry producing the greenest batteries in the world” – Maria Åstrand (VP cathode materials Northvolt)

13:50-14:00    Q&A

14:00-15:30   “Smart functionalities: Sensing” Scientific outlook and technical results

    • 14:00-14:40 “Battery optical sensing: from concepts to applications” – Jean-Marie Tarascon (Collège de France)
    • 14:40-15:30 Scientific outlook and technical results

    · SPARTACUS – Gerhard Domann (Fraunhofer)

  • .     · SENSIBAT – Iñigo Gandiaga (Ikerlan)
  •       · INSTABAT – Olivier Raccurt (CEA)

15:30-16:00    Coffee break

16:00-16:05    Introduction – Silvia Bodoardo (POLITO)

16:05-17:00    Young Scientists presentations – Five abstracts selected, 10 min each – Moderated by Guiomar Hernandez and Leiting Zhang (Uppsala University)

· Andrey D. Poletayev; University of Oxford and The Faraday Institution, UK; Dynamic disproportionation and oxygen redox in lithium nickel oxide
· King Men Teoh; University of Oslo, Norway; An evaluation of the barriers faced by various stakeholders in the EV battery value chain: can the law and policy in the  European Union facilitate the transition to a sustainable circular economy?
· Jan Bitenc; University of Ljubljana and ALISTORE-European Research Institute, Slovenia;
Application of organic cathodes for rechargeable multivalent batteries

· Xia Zeng; Battery Innovation Center, MOBI Research Center, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium; Operando ultrasonic signal evaluation for a lithium-ion battery
· Robin Lundström; Department of Chemistry-Ångström, Uppsala University, Sweden; Competing Ethylene Carbonate Reaction Pathways

17:00- 19:00    Poster session and refreshments


May 29th – Day 2


08:30-10:00    “Industry perspective” – Moderator: Thore Sekkenes (EBA 250)

08:30-09:00  A non-academic perspective on applied battery research – Matthew Lacey (Scania)

09:00-09:10  Sustainable Battery Metals – Kenneth Ekman (Fortum)

09:10-09:20  What could you do with Single Ion Monomers & Polymers – Cedric Loubat (Specific polymers)

09:20-09:30  Design considerations for commercial Sodium-Ion batteries – Ronnie Mogensen (ALTRIS)

09:30-09:40  From CoinPower Cells to High-Performance Round Cells – Transferring Know-How in the Development of Different Battery Types – Stefan Koller (Varta innovation)

09:40-10:00   Panel Discussion with the companies

10:00-10:30   Coffee break and poster session

10:30-12:00   Smart functionalities: Self-healing. Scientific outlook and technical results:

10:30-10:50   Introduction

– Success Stories Overview HIDDEN – 10 min – Marja Vilkman (VTT)

– Success Stories Overview BAT4EVER – 10 min – K. Burak Dermenci (VUB)

– Q&A Session – 5 min

10:50-12:00   Project results – Moderators: Marja Vilkman (VTT) and Maitane Berecibar (VUB)

– Introduction – 5 min – Marja Vilkman (VTT) and K. Burak Dermenci (VUB)


· Next-gen Battery Management Systems to support 2030+: highlights from HIDDEN and SPARTACUS – 10 min – Claudio Brivio (CSEM)

· In-situ study of NMC core-shell particles as cathode materials in li-ion batteries (BAT4EVER) – 10min – Javier García-Alonso (UCM)

· Q&A Session – 10 min


· Multiscale modeling of mechanisms and properties related to self-healing (HIDDEN) – 10min – Erin Makara (VTT)

· Multiphysics Modelling of BAT4EVER Cells: From Parameters to 1D Isothermal Models (BAT4EVER) – 10min – K. Burak Dermenci (VUB)

· Q&A Session – 10 min




12:00-13:00   Lunch and Poster session

13:00-14:00   Young Scientist presentations – Five abstracts have been selected, 10 min each – Moderated by Guiomar Hernandez and Leiting Zhang (Uppsala University)

· Helge S. Stein; Helmholtz Institute Ulm and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology; New, faster, better, and beyond

· Alexander J. Smith; KTH, Sweden; Stress-driven propagation of lithium plating in commercial batteries

· Alexia Bichon; Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CEA, France; Using a reference electrode inside Li-ion cell to study the impact of the protocol on aging mechanisms

· Yaolin Xu; Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (HZB), Germany; Deciphering Li deposition and SEI with cryo-EM and cryo-ET

· Léa M.J. Rouquette; Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden; Complete and Selective recovery of lithium from EV lithium-ion batteries using oxalic acid as a leaching agent

14.00-15:00   BATTERY 2030+ in the future

PHOENIX: K. Burak Dermenci (VUB)

SALAMANDER: Samson Yuxiu Lai (IFE)

OPERA: Celia Polop Jorda (UAM)

– ULTRABAT: Martin Meedom Nielsen (DTU)

OPINCHARGE: Santhana Eswara Moorthy (LIST)

HEALINGBAT: Stefan Palzer (TUD)

15:00-15:15 Coffee break

15:15-16:00   Panel discussion: The continuous development of the European Battery Ecosystem

– One young scientist: Leiting Zhang

– BEPA: Bozorg Khanbaei

– Batteries Europe: Estibaliz Crespo

– Battery 2030+: Kristina Edström

– EBA250: Ilka von Dalwigk

16:00-16:15    Summary and Poster prize award