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Annual Conference 4

May 28-29th 2024 | GRENOBLE (FRANCE)

Sweden 2023


Join Battery 2030+’s 4th Annual Conference on May 28-29th, a two-day event full of insightful discussions on battery research!

BATTERY 2030+ is a European large-scale research initiative reinventing the way we invent batteries.

The 4th Annual Conference will be held physically on May 28-29th in Grenoble, giving you the opportunity to network with key stakeholders of the battery research community and engage in meaningful discussions to empower green innovation in this field!

This Annual Conference will include presentations from industry, keynote presentations, Young scientists’ sessions, poster pitches and poster sessions as well as lots of networking opportunities!

This edition, we invite Young Scientists to gather on the day before, on Monday 27th afternoon, for an informal discussion on relevant topics for their community. See more about the side activities for Young Scientists here.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to visit the CEA labs covering Batteries, Nanocaracterisation and Modeling and Integration for Mobility as well as the European Synchrotron (ESRF) and the Institut Laue Langevin. Read more about the lab tours here.

Participation fee: 50€ (incl.10% VAT)

Full programme is available here.

We hope to see you in Grenoble!

Abstract Submission

BATTERY 2030+ annual conference call for papers!

You are all welcome to contribute with your abstract to our BATTERY 2030+ annual conference where we are focusing on next-generation battery technologies, such as future battery chemistries, smart functionalities, accelerated material discovery, advanced battery modelling and characterization, new manufacturing and recycling processes. Please find the template and further instructions on how to submit your abstract here (please download this document with Safari or Firefox).

Three poster prizes will be sponsored by Chemistry Europe and a Special Collection with contributions from the Battery 2030+ participating projects is being planned. 

Abstract submission deadline: April 21st, 2024

We look forward to seeing and hearing about your research!


Please note that the event has a cost of participation of 50€ (incl.10% VAT). Your participation will be only effective once the payment has been completed.

If you need an attendance certificate, send us an email to after the conference.

Registration deadline: 7th of May 2024

Due to the high amount of registrations received, please note that we are not sending invoices. We encourage all participants to pass on the PayPal receipt they will get after payment, following the same procedure of the other expenses linked with trips in order to be reimbursed by their companies.





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Scientific committee


Kristina Edström, Uppsala University

Eric Berg, Uppsala University

Eva Regårdh, Uppsala University

Philippe Jacques, EMIRI

Marcel Meeus, EMIRI

Mathieu Morcrette, Université de Picardie Jules Verne

Simon Perraud, CEA

Sandrine Lyonnard, CEA

Frédéric Chandezon, CEA



Corsin Battaglia, EMPA

Silvia Bodoardo, POLITO

Montse Casas, CiCe​

Michaele De Gennaro, AIT​

Robert Dominko, NIC ​

Frode Håskjold Fagerli (Simon
Clark), SINTEF ​

Marek Marcinek, WUT​

Margherita Moreno, ENEA​

Thomas Otuszewski, EASE

Marta Mirolo, ESRF

Maria Arnaiz, CICe

Organising committee


Kristina Edström, Uppsala University

Philippe Jacques, EMIRI

Gemma Garcia, EMIRI

Kajsa Saykali, Uppsala University

Camilla Dann, Uppsala University

Simon Perraud, CEA

Sandrine Lyonnard, CEA

Frédéric Chandezon, CEA

Mathieu Morcrette, Université de Picardie Jules Verne

Communications & Admin committee


Kajsa Saykali, Uppsala University

Camilla Dann, Uppsala University

Gemma Garcia, EMIRI


Local committee


Alain Fouladkar, CEA

Kim Jean, CEA

Cynthia Fabre, CEA

Simon Perraud, CEA

Gemma Garcia, EMIRI