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Annual Conference 3

May 9-10th 2023 | UPPSALA (SWEDEN)

Sweden 2023

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 957213

Join Battery 2030+’s 3rd Annual Conference on May 9-10th, a two-day event full of insightful discussions on battery research!

BATTERY 2030+ is a European large-scale research initiative reinventing the way we invent batteries.

The 3rd Annual Conference will be held physically on May 9-10th in Uppsala, giving you the opportunity to network with key stakeholders of the battery research community and engage in meaningful discussions to empower green innovation in this field!

This Annual Conference will include presentations from industry, a keynote session by Clare Gray from the University of Cambridge, Young scientists’ sessions, poster pitches and poster sessions as well as lots of networking opportunities! In addition, in this Annual Conference we’ll present the new research projects joining the initiative in 2023.

Check the full programme here, and stay tuned! 

We hope to see you in Sweden!


Scientific committee


Maximilian Fichtner

Gerhard Domann

Maitane Berecibar


Marja Vilkman

Tejs Vegge

Robert Dominko

Philippe Jacques

Iñigo Gandiaga

Elixabete Ayerbe

Organising committee


Gemma Garcia, EMIRI

Kajsa Saykali, BATTERY 2030+

Camilla Dann, BATTERY 2030+

Inès Boursot, Bat4Ever

Olivier Raccurt, Instabat

Marie-Luise Righi, Spartacus

Rosa Palacin, BIG-MAP

Anje Middelbos, Sensibat

Local organizing committee


Kajsa Saykali, BATTERY 2030+

Camilla Dann, BATTERY 2030+

Guiomar Hernández, BATTERY 2030+

Leiting Zhang, BATTERY 2030+


We are fully booked! However, you can send us an email to and we’ll add you to our waiting list. We’ll contact you in case we have cancellations.

If you need an attendance certificate, send us an email to after the conference.

Do you want to gain visibility among the European battery research community?

Abstract Submission Closed

BATTERY 2030+ annual conference call for papers!

You are all welcome to contribute with your abstract to our BATTERY 2030+ annual conference where we are focusing on future battery chemistries and model battery processes. We have 3 min poster pitches included in our agenda and are looking forward to seeing and hearing about your research.

Abstract submission closed.